Samsung J6

Samsung J6

Samsung Galaxy J6

Here is our indepth review of the Samsung Galaxy J6.

Design and Structure

We have originally told you how it seemed like at our hands on , however, the most obvious change here is that the usage of a polycarbonate spine above a metal .

Samsung galaxy j6 from thetechmonk

The front has a 5.6-inch 18:9 screen, the eight-megapixel camera using its committed LED Flash, phone speaker, and a couple of detectors all covered under the telephone’s 2.5D . It is worth noting that the front panel is coloured differently from its rear and this is quite noticeable once you use the golden variation. Additionally, it is worth noting that the telephone does not have any capacitive buttons as navigation is completed on screen.

samsung galaxy j6 from the techmonk lower part

The left side has two concealed holes the smaller one homes the SIM1 slot whereas the bigger one is for your own SIM2 along with microSD card. The keys still offer you a tactile sense when pressed but it is a whole lot quieter in contrast to A6. The microUSB interface and the 3.5millimeter audio jack are in the base of the device.

Flip the apparatus on its rear and we’ve got the 13-megapixel camera along with the committed LED flash at the ideal side, in addition to the rectangular fingerprint detector beneath it. The golden variation we have is muted when compared with the one introduced together with the A6, and it seems generic because we have noticed a few mobiles sport this sort of gold hue on the marketplace. It does not sign up fingerprints but is more prone to hairline scratches, therefore security is a necessity.

Considering that the polycarbonate back substance allows to get a much better signal reception, then the white lines in the trunk are eliminated entirely. The camera and mic scanner aren’t protruded. It is also lighter and thinner compared to the A6 and is a pleasure to hold much for extended intervals.

The telephone will not feel slippery occasionally when you have moist palms but provides a fantastic grip as a result of the curved spine borders. Additionally, it makes you feel you are holding a more compact device so that you may really reach more components with a single hand — that the 5.6-inch screen easily fits into a chassis normally created for 5.2 or even 5.3-inch phones.
Screen and Multimedia

That may seem a small bummer, but we had an issue looking at high profile pictures and movie clips in the gadget. The colours are vivid and bright, it looks great on all angles, so it gives decent contrast, as well as the screen’s brightness is sufficient for outside screening.

Together with the 18:9 aspect ratio in tow, some movies may require a little bit of clipping as most videos nevertheless encourage the common 16:9 format, but the screen is very good for multimedia intake.

The loudspeaker is as adequate as we could get using a mono installation, and flames from the ideal side of the gadget. Listening to headphones, however, is yet another story as the telephone is constructed with Dolby’s Atmos audio technology to get a much better spatial experience. Too poor, the service is presently confined to many cans as of the instant, so you would observe the exact same great old audio quality when you use those included in the bundle.


samsung galaxy j6 from thetechmonk camera

Samsung has set a tandem of thirteen and eight-megapixel camera modules in the front and back of their J6, respectively, and their functionality is that which we’ve observed with many mid-ranges in the Korean juggernaut. Both provide f/1.9 aperture to get better low-light pictures, in addition to various available modes like Panorama, Guru, Night, Beauty, and Constant.

While the photographs look sharp and of great contrast and vulnerability, it might also have off colours at some point particularly when inside. Dynamic range is restricted in a variety of cases, and it’s trouble taking photographs at low light situations using slow shutter speeds.

This is in addition to this already-present decal packs to make different selfie consequences. We didn’t observe any difference when using the 3 distinct strengths of selfie flash and it didn’t completely illuminate the topic.

The attractiveness style does the improving job nicely, while its software-assisted portrait style frequently leave many areas un-blurred.

Autofocus works nicely, and the colours are very similar to what we’ve seen from the photographs.

While it doesn’t stray from the customary Android navigation, Samsung’s clean-cut method of navigation is emphasized with various attributes in tow and is simple not browse with.

Swiping left from the house screen shows the Bixby segment, even though a very simple drag on the current programs window shows the split-screen characteristic. Additionally, there are noteworthy Samsung features like Game Mode, One-handed style, a device management program, and Samsung Knox for extra encryption and security.

Additionally, it will come with a great deal of pre-loaded programs from Samsung, Google, and Microsoft, which makes you 22.4GB from their 32GB internal storage to your own programs. Should you want more space, it is easy to pop into a microSD card to the dedicated slot for greater storage.

Performance and Benchmarks

Employing the J6 for the most part was quite snappy due to this octa-core Exynos processor it conveys, and 3GB of RAM for multitasking. Heavy games like Asphalt 8 require a hit at rates that are dropped, while casual games like Zombie Tsunami work fine with no difficulties. Heating is largely felt in the top region of the back especially when doing extreme multitasking while connected through 4G.

We believe that the addition of an otherwise obsolete chip hampered the telephone’s prowess and it could have done better when a newer processor has been set.

Call quality is great as the telephone speaker relays calls with clarity in noisy surroundings, while the mic can cause difficulties with recording your voice as it doesn’t provide sound cancellation. Wireless connections work nicely as we analyzed, Bluetooth and WiFi operates quickly, and GPS connection is adequate.

The fingerprint scanner in the back can enroll as many as five distinct fingerprints at any given time, and is a pleasure to use. It is really quick and responsive, and the face unlock functions well although we would have chosen it to be a good deal quicker in safeguarding the telephone.

Our only criticism is the absence of detectors in the mobile, since it is equipped with just ambient and accelerator detectors. If you are one for orientation-based gambling or digital reality, it’s going to have difficulty registering those into consideration.

This assists the Samsung Galaxy J6 save more juice up to prolong the life span of its 3,000mAh battery, and its optimisation is an integral feature. Charging is just another story as the telephone gets from 0 to 100 in about two hours with its own normal charger.


The Samsung Galaxy J6 appears to be a good mid-range smartphone that provides a streamlined design, fantastic screen, fantastic battery life, and adequate cameras. And of course, the computer software features which aren’t substantially different from other higher-priced mobiles in the Samsung Galaxy line.

With that said, We do not actually understand how to feel when we look at other competition. With mobiles from Chinese brands like OPPO, Vivo, as well as Huawei supplying more bang with this dollar plus much better Samsung Galaxy phones such as the A6 and the J8, the J6 is missing in the shuffle when we are taking into consideration the absence of accessible phone detectors and the obsolete Exynos chipset that triggered its otherwise great possibility.

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