How To Speed Up Slow Android Phone or Tablet

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We are used to stack apps in our devices whether it is games or some other applications which gets stored by default in the internal storage of your device. Irritated of that low inbuilt storage on your devices? Here are some helpful tips for expanding the internal storage of your devices. There are also some applications available on GOOGLE PLAY STORE for the same.

Speed-Up-Your-Slow-Speed-Android-Phone-or-Tablet Techniques to get free space

Uninstall the untried apps

Keep check with the apps that whether they are of your use or not. Uninstall unused apps which may help in saving some space in the memory.  To do the same follow this procedure, click on SETTINGS > APPLICATION > MANAGE APPLICATION, then tap on ‘SORT BY SIZE’, select the app that has to be uninstalled and then click on UNINSTALL.

Moving the Files/Apps to SD card

Any app, data or game is stored by default in the inbuilt storage at first. Move your apps to SD card storage or USB storage for which click on SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS > MANAGE APPLICATIONS, tap the menu ‘SORT BY SIZE’ and further select the app and then pick the option ‘MOVE TO EXTERNAL STORAGE’ or ‘MOVE TO USB STORAGE’.

For moving numerous files you can download free app APPMGR III from Google play store. It would also help in clearing the cache memory that gets stored in devices.


Clearing identical files

Without your knowledge identical files may get stored in your devices. To increase the inbuilt storage we need to find it and remove it. You can get the app SEARCH DUPLICATE FILES from Google play store.

This app helps in searching and deleting of duplicate files and also hidden files. Once it removes the identical files, those files cannot be retrieved. It looks for music, images, videos as well as .apk files.

Clear Cache

The temporary files called cache may get stored to your devices. Mostly this is in the form of images whenever any web page is visited. These files are of no use after the web page has been closed but it would occupy your storage space. This storage can be cleaned by using the app EASY CACHE CLEANER which is free on Google play store.

This app also helps in sorting the applications according to size and also deletes the untried applications.
Other than these apps there are other apps also available on Google play store which would help in increasing the speed of your android devices.

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