Get Free WiFi Tether On The Moto X [How To]

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Even before the android manufacturers added the functionality of tethering to their manufactured devices, people used ways to add the ability to WiFi Tether. One of those ways was ROOTING the device. Though the manufacturers have added that WiFi tethering facility, old WiFi tether apps are still being used to get over the limitations of the in-built tethering apps.

To get free WiFi tethering on your MOTO X, you first need to root your phone. After completing the ROOTING procedure for your MOTO X, follow the below procedure;

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Get and install the WiFi tethering App

  • Go to Developer’s Homepage ( and download the WiFI_tether_v3_3-beta2.apk on your desktop.
  • Connect your MOTO X to your desktop using USB cable.
  • Copy the APK file to the internal storage of your phone.
  • Go to SETTINGS and Check unknown resources ON under the DEVICE ADMINISTRATION.
  • To run the APK file, install any file browser app from play store.
  • Once the file explorer is installed, find the APK that you have copied to your phone and install it.

Setting up the WiFi tethering app to work

  • Open the app and tap on the 3 dots located on the top right corner and then tap settings.
  • Tap change device profile and select ICS/JB Wlan 0.
  • Enable the WiFi driver, and turn ON, KEEP ALIVE – CONNECTION CHECKING.
  • Go back and tap on the WiFi symbol to begin the tethering.
  • Try connecting it to your desktop, and there you are done!
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