How to Clean Virus from Android Phone

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With the increase in craze of using smart devices, our mind is always occupied with the thought of Virus that may infect our devices while downloading several contents or by transferring the same from other devices to our own. We are constantly in search of various applications or say ways that may help us keep our device virus free.

To protect our data and we have either of the options from the following.

  1. By installing Antivirus to your Android device.
  2. By resetting your android devices.

Let’s have a look on both the methods.

By Installing Antivirus to your Android Devices

There are various Antiviruses available in the market which promises to protect our device from virus. Some are really minimal and uses very less storage of your device while some are really large in size that you observe the maximum space of your device being utilized by the Antivirus.

Bear in mind that if you thinking of taking a trial of some antiviruses on your device, than you should be doing one at a time. Avoid installing more than 1 antivirus to your device. This may harm your device. You can have a look at some of the best antiviruses that we have noted down here.


By resetting your Android device

If you still find that your device is infected by virus although you are using an antivirus, than the last handy option is resetting your device to factory settings. Let’s see how.

  1. Go to the Settings menu from the menu tray of your device or by pressing the dedicated button on your device.
  2. In the settings menu, search for FACTORY RESET or BACKUP AND RESET menu and tap on the same.
  3. Take a backup of your device data before proceeding for the reset procedure as this will wipe out all your device data including your contacts, photos and more.
  4. On tapping the same you will be asked to RESET DEVICE, tap on the same and wait for a while till your device is being factory reset and gets rebooted.

If your device has got frozen because of viruses, turn off your device by removing the battery. For resetting the device in this mode, you need to hold on to the recovery buttons which are different for different devices. But you can try some of the mentioned below combinations,

Volume Up + Home + Power

Volume Down + Power

Home + Power

If none of the above works go through the instructions particulars you would have received with your device.

After holding the recovery buttons for some few seconds, you would be prompted for the factory reset, confirm the same and wait for the procedure of reset to get completed.

Now you can see, your device is virus free. To avoid resetting your devices again and again do not forget to install an Antivirus in your device.

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