How To Check If You Are Blocked By Someone On IOS 7 IPhone

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The thought of being blocked is our worst nightmare. Do you feel that, you are being blocked on iOS 7?

Block phone numbers is the facility being provided by Apple on its devices like iPhone, iPod & iPad; in its latest iOS 7 version. It’s an easy & convenient way to avoid those bothering callers.

Getting blocked on other hand is much more concerning for us. As soon as you feel that you are being blocked you become restless, but you should first of all try to find that are you being blocked or not.

Here we would like to put some light on those clues, that whether you are really being blocked on iOS 7.


On the first hand there is no way to confirm that you are really being blocked.  There can be clues not assurance, & if you really want to confirm just go and inquire.

Signs that you are blocked:

When you are blocked & if you call that number the call gets connected but will ring only once & than will get diverted on voicemail. You can just leave a message on voicemail- it feels embarrassing, but your blocker will never get notification of that voicemail. It is doubted that Apple really strains to record.

On the other hand your blocker is away from all this mess enjoying without getting distressed.

What about text messages?

If you are sending any text message to blocker you won’t find any difference from normal message. There won’t be any message failure revert received by you.


The only evidence for finding that you are blocked is your call only. The evidence is that you will always get diverted after one and only one ring. If you are not getting diverted on voicemail than probably the person is rejecting your call.

Always keep your mind open as these are the clues, it can’t be said that these are the only facts, so don’t react promptly without assessing the situation. One more thing, if someone is blocking you really, you don’t give them a damn.

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